Bella 14 / 16 / 20

Copper Foil

Our Bella Collection are large scale classical shapes. Our Copper Foil glass is sparkling and metallic. Distressed metal foil is applied to the inner surface of a glossy clear blown glass. This décor is full of textured and depth, however the outer surface of the glass is smooth. When lit the glass comes to life, as the distressed foil allows glimpses of light to pass through. This blown glass is handcrafted by a skilled artisan, utilizing century-old techniques passed down from generation to generation. Each piece of this décor has its own artistic nature that can be individually appreciated.


  • 17W LED Replaceable source
  • Bella 14: 14.25" Dia. x 12.75" H
  • Bella 16: 16.5" Dia. x 15" H
  • Bella 20: 19.75" Dia. x 17.75" H
  • Bronze
  • Satin Nickel